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Jeff’s Story:

Jeff is a Veteran who resides in Edgewood. He suffers from diabetes and was unable to walk outside of his apartment due to extreme pain. He required custom-made shoes in size 18 that could be adjusted for the wounds on his feet. Without other resources available, and due to his inability to walk to even the nearest store for food and supplies, he was no longer able to take care of himself. His social worker was encouraging him to move to the nursing home. When his home health providers learned about his needs, the Alice Foundation was able to help. They were able to fund the custom-fit shoes he needed to be independent and comfortable. Jeff remains living independently today.

Jeff's Story

Eleanor’s Story:

Eleanor was suffering from high blood pressure. Her home health nurses were having trouble getting it under control and couldn’t understand why the tried and true prescribed medication that had worked in the past wasn’t working. After some conversation, Eleanor admitted that she hadn’t been taking her medication. Because of some unexpected expenses, she had to choose between buying food or paying the co-pay for her prescription. The Alice Foundation was able to help Eleanor to purchase the copay she needed for not just a month, but several months of medications.

Eleanors Story Graphic

Eleanor's Story

Billie’s Story:

Billie is a transcriptionist at All Care Health Solutions. She’s worked for All Care since May 2021. When her sister became unexpectedly ill, she needed to take a flight out of state to see her at once. At the time of this critical health emergency, Billie didn’t know what the visit would bring. Her need to leave quickly was a complete shock and something she had not planned to do or have as an added expense.
The Alice Foundation helped Billie to purchase a flight. Billie explained, “It was unexpected, but it really helped out. People who support others need a boost.” Thankfully, Billie’s sister was able to recover from her illness, and she’s currently thriving!
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Billie's Story


Angela was inspired by Alice’s family’s incredible friendship and kindness. She wanted an opportunity to share Alice’s legacy with others. In 2015, Angela and Alice’s family established the Alice Foundation. Since its inception, the foundation has helped countless residents and staff within the Edgewood Family of partnerships. The foundation helps those in need to afford transportation, medications, daily care, meals, supplies, durable medical equipment, home and appliance repairs, mobility devices, and funeral expenses.
It’s the goal of the Alice Foundation to find a way when it feels like there’s no way. Through human kindness and paying it forward, it’s the foundation’s purpose to give hope and serve anyone who is experiencing hardship.